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Since ISCP-INDLAS 2018 brings together students and researchers from all around the world, the organizers aim to provide the participants (for students) as much benefits as possible (free registration, travel grants, free or at least discounted hotel services (accommodation and meals), free social day expenses).

Therefore, we need your help! If your company, society or organization wishes to support ISCP-INDLAS 2018, we can offer the following benefits:

Brand Exposure

As a partner of ISCP-INDLAS 2018, online visitors of the conference and OSA's website will be exposed to your brand and products. Sponsors will also have the opportunity to include branded giveaways in attendee conference packages. Exhibiting your products and/or services during a dedicated plenary talk or through poster sessions can also be arranged.

Connect With Your Target Audience

ISCP-INDLAS 2018 gathers international participants studying and/or working at prestigious universities as well as laboratories in the field of optics and photonics. By sponsoring ISCP-INDLAS 2018, your brand, information, and products will be showcased to hundreds of individuals whose interests overlap with your brand.

Build Your Network of Contacts and Leads

The ISCP-INDLAS 2018 audience also includes key decision-makers (directors, presidents, research group leaders, student chapter and section advisors, students and early-career professionals managers, SPIE ambassadors, OSA ambassadors, EPS committee members) from a variety of national and international organizations. Sponsors of this event are given the opportunity to inform attendees about products and activities, leading to a new network of contacts and potential leads.

Be Featured on Websites

Sponsors of ISCP-INDLAS 2018 conference will be featured on several websites, such as ISCP-INDLAS 2018, OSA, SPIE, INFLPR, etc. Sponsorship opportunities can also include additional brand exposure via social media sites, and the monthly OSA e-newsletter.

If you are interested in becoming our sponsor, or have any other queries regarding ISCP-INDLAS 2018, please contact

We can't thank you enough for considering sponsoring us!